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Can It Get Any Worse?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Yes! Yes it can get worse!

Read on.

I enjoy reading a blog called, The Economic Collapse (I’ve mentioned it before). Yeah… it’s full of depressing stats, links, and data. But I like that. I want that kind of information to keep me sharp. I want to be informed. I don’t want the carpet pulled out from under me without me knowing it. We are in scary times and I have a family to take care of. You think I’m sitting around listening to Kate Perry and Ke$ha? You think I’m going to pre-season football games and swilling beer by the gallon? You think I’m walking around with my pants saggin’ while wearing a gold Mercedes Benz emblem on my neck? Hell No! I’m praying I don’t lose my job and keeping my finger on the pulse of the market. I’m also spending nothing but quality time with my family. It’s all about sticking together:) Screw the hype about those soulless, overly-produced media stars and the call to go out and get F’d up… to be completely self-absorbed.


…so I was reading, 21 Signs That The New Reality For Many Baby Boomers Will Be To Work As Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead and let me tell you… HOLY SH*T!

People, including retirees, have been so damaged by the housing market crash (loss of built-up equity in homes) and the stock market crash (loss of retirement investments) that up to 50% of them believe they will have to work until their DEAD! Is this the perfect double crash to make people more reliant on government or what?! In the next couple years there are going to be so many desperate people who have nothing to fall back on (cash, savings, or family) that they will be begging for government handouts because of the poor choices (economic and real-estate bills passed) government has made and the offshore outsourcing of corporate America. What a SCAM!

On a side-note we as individuals have also made poor choices in mortgage purchases, accumulating credit debt, and living in the “now” instead of doing some realistic long term planning. Still, the people, the tax payers, the worker, American citizens have been blindsided by leadership. We have made poor choices stemming from our own ignorance. But I believe that our politicians and the corporate culture knows exactly what it is doing… creating a global economy and tossing all allegiance to America and Americans to the winds.

So now what? Pray that social security will be there for you? Rely on the market to continue to go up and strengthen your 401k? Hope that your house will be worth more? And if those fall through… believe that a job will be waiting for you in your time of need? Many will make it through the mess. But there will be tons of casualties as well. What stat will you fill? It’s fifty-fifty either way.

In the end you have four overall choices – start working on that resume, move to another country, begin the revolution or don’t do anything at all. Your move.


Vacation In Bigfoot Country

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Usually I write about what’s going on with my books and my writing projects or I share my opinion on current events, especially about what is going on with our dying country. But this entry will be totally different. It’s a bit about my vacation in Bigfoot country.

I took the family on a trip way up north into the wilds of the redwoods where the great rivers intersect in uncivilized areas. I won’t name the exact location because it was such a great adventure that I just couldn’t stand myself knowing that I was complicit in a massive tourist dump onto such a awesome spot. Can I be anymore vague than that? Sorry!

Our campsite was perfect. It was surrounded by great trees, perfect weather, and a view of a long, tree-filled valley and a sparkling, freshwater river down below. We had our family size tent, our cook gear, and a fire pit to boot. We were set to eat tons of meat and potatoes throughout our stay… and other foods too:)

We traveled all about the area within a seventy mile stretch or thereabouts – through massive groves of trees, ferns, moss, boulders, and creek beds! Jamming down dirt roads, we traversed along mighty rock river banks and over secret steel bridges located in the vast river valleys. We visited tiny mountain towns and learned the rich history that made them what they had been and what they were now. There was even a town that was so sad… it was filled with sunburned homeless people who appeared to smoke so much pot that they would slowly fade into the bark of the local trees. Dang those folks were unmotivated to do anything:( And yet there was another town filled with hardworking lumber folks who made a decent living. There was contrast to be sure… just like in the big city. I couldn’t escape my perspectives, even when enjoying myself.

We swam in the fresh water. It was so clear that you could see the bottom of the river bed… every rocky detail… every fish that spurted about. And with the temperature around 85 degrees the swimming was perfect. Under water swimming, jumping into the pools, skipping rocks, and laying about… perfection.

Exploring was on the itinerary everyday. There wasn’t enough time to see it all… but we tried. From the colorful cabins in the wood to the carved Bigfoot statues along the road, it was all there to see. Nature’s finest met the creativity of humanity and it blended quite well. Nature was as welcoming as the locals – friendly, kind, and awesome to be around. I haven’t waved to or been waved at by so many strangers in such a short time in I can’t remember. This vacation had a vibe that I won’t soon forget.

As you can probably tell my family had a wonderful time and so did I. Together we were complete in living and sharing such a wonderful time together. And on top of it all my camp gear is broken in. So if society becomes too unfriendly we can pack up and survive for quite sometime just about anywhere. I just hope it never gets to that point. I want a strong, sound world left for my kids.

On a side-note none of the linked pics are pics of the trip.

Happy Trails!


Nationalism Or Globalism?

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

In a “This or That?” forum topic I asked the question, “Nationalism or Globalism?”

So I’ll ask it here. What do you prefer and overall, what is better?

Nationalism defined

1.) a sentiment based on common cultural characteristics that binds a population and often produces a policy of national independence or separatism

2.) loyalty or devotion to one’s country; patriotism

Wikipedia’s definition

Nationalism positives

1.) Patriotism and national pride. With this comes a strong cultural upbringing fostering a respect for one’s history of self, family, and nation.

2.) Civic pride whereby people consider the well-being of the nation to be important in their everyday lives. JFK said it best when he pronounced “think not what your country can do for you, think what you can do for your country”.

3.) A more cohesive society.

Nationalism negatives

1.) Bigotry and intolerance. Isolationism, racism, and ethnic conflict can occur via the “bad apples”. Those in charge can lead the country astray via divisive media tactics, unfair political policies, and lack of real political representation of the people.

2.) Facism. Focusing only on government policies and government wants for the people it serves without taking them into consideration can lead a country down this path.

3.) Exploitation of the people by their leaders. JFK’s already quoted statement can also have a horrendous aspect to it: reducing citizens to mindless drones to be exploited whereby the government does not serve the people, the people serve the government.

Globalism defined

1.) the process enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communications

2.) the emergence since the 1980s of a single world market dominated by multinational companies, leading to a diminishing capacity for national governments to control their economies

3.) the process by which a company, etc, expands to operate internationally

Wikipedia’s definition

Globalism positives

1.) Redistributes wealth to poor countries bringing their lifestyle up to par with advanced nations.

2.) A freer market with less trade barriers and one currency for all.

3.) Safer travel across the world.

Globalism negatives

1.) The loss of local/national government, economy, and sovereignty.

2.) The homogenization of all people, cultures, and uniqueness.

3.) Global fascism, and instead of a police state, a police world.

Now that you’ve read the pros and cons of nationalism and globalism what do you prefer? Personally I prefer nationalism. Why? I don’t have any faith in a world government. Look at how young America is. It is barely 200 years old. It was once the greatest nation on Earth. America was innovative, patriotic, clean… and now it is fading economically, morally, and politically. Our government of “elected” officials and their cronies in the corporate world have pillaged the American people and its foundation. We have been divided into the rich and the poor; the working and the homeless; black and white; democrats and republicans – the list can go on. Both the political and media machines continue to play us like the fools we have been dumbed down to be.

So why would I think any government could turn our planet into a well-ran world? I don’t. If we (you and I) allow our individual nations to eventually merge into one large mega-society ran by ultra-big government do you think that we will remain free to experience liberty; to pursue happiness; to enjoy our privacy; to have our voice heard? If this goes down then the people of the world will be at the mercy of our leaders for food, water, shelter, transportation, religion, spirituality – everything.

So maybe the world’s poor will have their working wage and lifestyle raised. With that deal comes the rules that must be followed; such as being linked into the global infrastructure; paying global taxes; giving the kids an “education” based on social engineering as opposed to critical, independent thinking; the loss of customs; the replacement of the family unit with the open hand of the world – it is frightening.

Currently this shift to a one world paradigm is being brought about by economic integration, economic coercion, baseless invasions and wars, the reshaping of the education system, media spin, deceptive Hollywood movies, a tightly controlled (professional) publishing world, and the intentional means to divide you and I brought about by our leaders in office.

It is true that we are how we are raised. We are what we eat, breathe, read, watch, and interact with. So we have been Americans for several centuries. And with that several centuries comes change. But we are now being steered onto a road that does not include the tenets of anything American. The only thing similar will be the deceptive politicians and the corporate structure that wishes to control you and I as unthinking consumers who reside in their manufactured reality. Why? Well why do we need Central Banks? Why do we need a Federal Reserve? Why is their a push to place McDonald’s and Walmart across the world – for everyone’s personal well-being? Of course not. This is not about global expansion for the good of humanity. This is global limitation! It is uncreative and lacking in anything original. It is a drawing in of resources and a control of resources as opposed to a sharing of them. You think you’ll have enough? Maybe you’ll have a limitation on water, food, and transportation. Perhaps you’ll be penalized for using more than what you are allowed – allowed by those who are out of touch with reality. Do you really want to go down that road? Once their in that seat of power it will be nearly impossible to get them out. I would never vote a global government in.

So where’s the vote for us to keep this up? I didn’t get a ballot for NAFTA, for the UN headquarters being placed in New York, for our border guards to be underfunded, for our military to be used in the destruction of the Middle East, to have drugs piped into our country, etc.. I don’t want any of this. But it’s here. The question is, “How do we reverse the decline of America?”

I’m not an isolationist by any means. I like to travel. I like to experience different cultures. But I also like some order in my country, not chaos and division. I believe that all nations are intelligent enough to run themselves. I don’t think they should be colonized and coerced by globalist loving policymakers and lawyers. These people are selling snake oil to those who may not know better. Why do we need an IMF and a World Bank? Clearly it’s to control national independence.

Maybe I could believe in a globalized world if it wasn’t being rammed down everyone’s throat. If we weren’t getting there through lies and deception then perhaps it could be believed in. But it’s not. People are being ripped off, lied to, assaulted, and murdered in the name of planetary power. There is no book out there with a set of global goals. There is no end. When will enough be enough? It will never be enough. Never.

Just remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely.



Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

I wrote this off the cuff. I haven’t written any poetry for decades. As a writer I’ve experimented with many styles, genres, and formats in order to get my ideas, opinions, and stories out there. Obviously, or maybe not, it pertains to the current American climate and how our country has changed from a freedom loving place to a place that is economically oppressed and manipulated by global elitists (politicians and corporatism).


So who is at the helm?
Where have our heroes gone?
What occupies the political skin?
How did they get it so wrong?

They can’t be this dumb?
Unless of intelligent design.
So leadership is under a thumb?
Will they be exposed to show their kind?

The world isn’t random.
Our species isn’t blind.
A plot is in motion.
You bet it means to control your mind.

Don’t believe their hype.
Liberty is fading fast.
Be the pessimistic type.
See how they steal our hard earned cash?

You only get one chance at this.
Life flies by quick.
So fight for the young.
Don’t let them grow up to deal with this sh*t!

I pray that we unite.
A pledge to clean it up.
It is time to make it right.
Time to burn their poison cup.

After all, your eyes aren’t swayed by their deception.
Our core is solid and strong.
We can stop their growing net of conception.
Together as the day is long!

Fight on fellow revolutionaries.
Take it to their front gate.
Send them all back to Hell.
Why make the devil wait?

To not make a stand would be for the weak.
This helps their plan even as I speak.
Turn off TV.
Shut the computer down.
Get your raging fire going.
Make your stand on hallowed ground.

And once the corrupted are long gone,
we’ll take a look around.
The foundations will be renewed.
The pillars of freedom will be solid… they will be sound.

Fists held to the sky.
Americans anchored in the red, white, and blue way.
As one we march forward.
Together we will never break, bend, or sway… this I pray.

There is only one choice.
Be tall.
Never fall down.
Godspeed, American citizens.
Together, yes together, we’ll regain our beloved hometown.


Feds Assist Importing Cocaine Into US

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

No that title isn’t a joke or a tad sarcastic. Read this!

Founding Fathers Were Terrorists?!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Check out this video. It allegedly shows a FEMA representative addressing a group of Oklahoma police officers about America’s Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, etc.). He makes the comparison that the United States Founding Fathers were terrorists.

I suppose the British Crown back in the 1700’s could make that argument. I believe it is a stretch though. Our Founding Fathers were fighting for freedom – freedom from the rule of the oppressive British Crown. Our countrymen were fighting as revolutionaries. They were at war. They weren’t blowing up daycare centers and buses full of innocent people. The fight against unfair taxation, no representation, the crown’s domineering occupation, and everything else outlined in the Declaration of Independence was a declaration of war against the tyranny of the time.

So why would a FEMA agent compare our Founding Fathers to modern day terrorists? Is it because there is a rise of justifiable discontent within America today? Does our government wish to skew the image of those freedom fighters as terrorists to scare any modern day men and women from standing up to the US government? This is propaganda. And it is the worst kind – create a stumbling block for any dissension before it even occurs by labeling our country’s past heroes as terrorists. After all, if our Founding Fathers are considered terrorists then what would an American citizen be considered if he or she simply disagreed with current government policy? Maybe a heretic? Perhaps they would be placed on Homeland Security’s growing list of citizens who need to be watched. Remember the MIAC Report?

The scary thing here is that the other day, Vice President Joe Biden called the Tea Party, terrorists. He claimed that the recent debt ceiling negotiations were hurt by the Tea Party and the Republicans, hence the United State’s credit downgrade by Standard & Poors from AAA to AA+. It is this kind of statement from leadership that keeps the country divided and unaware of what is really going on.

So you know, I’m not a Tea Party person. I’m not a supporter of the Democrats or the Republicans. It sounds like the Tea Party is trying to do some good things (nuthin’ wrong with holding back on spending when in such enormous debt). But I haven’t looked into them too closely otherwise. As I contemplate this, it is somewhat exhausting to feel like we, you and I, American citizens, the ones who fund this government with our money through taxes that we must be on guard against those who have been elected to serve us. It is quite preposterous really. Am I a terrorist for writing? They say that the pen (in this case, the keyboard) is mightier than the sword. If true then the rhetoric, the writings, and the bills passed by those in office is way mightier than the physical sword of oppression. Our minds are being manipulated by their words.

See it for what it is. Don’t be malleable clay in their hands.


Market Plunge II

Monday, August 8th, 2011

So the DOW dropped another 634 points today. Why? Well last Friday evening Standard & Poor’s cut America’s credit rating down from AAA to AA+ and that means there is now a documented, slight risk with lending money to the nation… er our incompetent government actually. So the plan for US turmoil and loss of world status is unraveling perfectly – baby steps downward. The world can only react one way – negatively.

So the DOW is at 10,809 as of close. Support was at 11,000. Looking at the chart we could potentially slip all the way down to 10,000. I could be wrong but that appears to be the next line of solid support. We’ll see.

So how’s your pension doing middle class America? Funny how these drops really hurt the middle class the most. We don’t have much else. As for the fleeing of the market do you really think this is the fear of the middle class leaving in droves? No. Most of them don’t trade. They tend to hang on as long term investors. This is the work of the power houses who keep the markets propped up by their control of huge percentages of the markets. The investment firms and the banks are the ones ripping the market to shreds. What precise manipulation! Us working class are just in it for the ride.

I happened to stumble upon a video called, Fall of the Republic. It basically talks about the financial crisis, what led up to it, and who some of the players are. It also shows snippets of these politicians (both parties) and corporate elites being held under the fire within political hearings. There is a part where Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, says he won’t tell us (the US government) who they sent $500 billion to. The Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It is a power structure designed to control money. It is above our government. Here’s the video.

As I’ve stated, we do have social issues. That is clear. And those are fueled by the media and the lack of enforcement by the authorities who “help” run this nation (open borders, proliferation of drugs, weak school systems, etc.). The blame falls squarely on our two party system of corrupt politicians. This is not a color issue, a culture issue, or a food stamp issue. In the end they did it to us.

You and I exist in a manufactured reality that is out of control. The people must turn off the divisive television programs, turn off the negative based music, take charge of their kid’s lives, and protect their family and home from this elitist takeover. If we don’t then the nation will fade into a fascist land of security cameras and pat-downs. The tenants of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will be usurped and given a new definition.

The plunge continues.


Market Plunge

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Well as I write this the DOW is down 512 points or 4.31% Maybe it will rebound in the next ten minutes before the closing bell. Not likely. Perhaps tomorrow, maybe? Anyway there is a lot of speculation out there as to why the market is down so much since 07/21/11. It was 12,700+ points then. Some blame Republicans for their call for strong cuts in spending during the debt ceiling “negotiations”, scaring investors across the globe with uncertainty. Others believe Democrats are at fault for spending way too much money up to this point since Obama became President (we can blame other US leaders as well). There is plenty of blame to go around. The past greed of politicians, corporations, and Wall Street got us here. And now we (the middle class workers) are taking the biggest hit. We work to create a decent lifestyle for our families and the country… yet it takes more and more capital to live the American dream. Loans are more difficult to get due to past abuses, mainly by big banks. With this constant flux in the market, working class pensions and 401k’s take a hit as well. The American dream is riding a roller coaster that slides up a bit, down a bit more, up a bit, and then down a tad more until what?

The end result will be discontent, more fear, price gouging, food and fuel riots, and of course the complete unraveling of what had kept this country together – economic power. Life is good when you aren’t broke. The final picture could possibly be of a country that must sell off its assets to foreign governments to stay afloat (this is occurring now with states) – that is if the entire global economy doesn’t take a massive dive. There’s a lot going on and too much to keep track of.

I watch the market and I wonder, when is a good time to jump back in? I don’t know. Will this trend continue until it reaches 11,000? The next support appears to be around there. We broke the 300 day SMA today I believe. Not good.

One of my favorite plays, OIL, took a good dip as well. OIL will eventually go back up but how much lower will it go? Another factor is if manufacturing across the globe slows down, which it supposedly is, how will this affect the price in the near term? Another question is OPEC and their clout. They can damage our economy as well with their price points.

As I ask these questions it’s also interesting to note that sometimes the market doesn’t even behave properly. Today the US dollar went up and OIL, SLV, and GLD went down. One would think that the opposite would happen with US markets tanking. But apparently with global uncertainty, international investors flee to the US dollar (for now) as the best bet in town (short term).

Have you looked at the US dollar lately? It is losing strength. It appears that $1 US can buy $0.95 Australian. $1 US can buy $0.98 Canadian. I remember when $1 US could get a lot more than that. And of course this has fluctuated in the past. But are we on the road to final dollar weakness? There are calls for utilizing a basket of currencies and eliminating the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This will happen. This is why gold and silver have skyrocketed in price. People are hedging their capital, protecting it from the inevitable collapse of the US dollar as they should.

Anyway there are a lot of economic issues that are playing out. And there are also many social issues that affect our markets in one or another as well; such as how much money should we provide to the massive amount of social programs out there? And who is more entitled – the senior citizens who built this nation (the last patriots) or the illegals (undocumented workers) who are using America’s resources… maybe both should receive the same benefits no matter who paid into it or didn’t?

One thing is for certain, the elite globalists are busy ensnaring my and your world. Don’t forget that. Just because a handful of monetary masters control the media, industry, and most of the government doesn’t mean they should be allowed to treat this planet or even this great nation as a toy. Life is not a game. As the character Maximus said in the movie Gladiator, “What we do here will echo on in eternity.”