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American Companies Now Offshore

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

So I was wondering if there is a list out there that shows what US companies have either left us entirely and/or who have outsourced their production to offshore labor. And guess what? There are plenty of lists out there… all pretty much the same in content. I believe there are lists of this soulless practice because Americans are fed up with this type of economic terrorism being performed by American companies – companies who should have the American people and the United States of America in its best interests. But they don’t. The power of globalism is the rule. And don’t forget – this is, once again, nothing short of economic terrorism. We are being left to fend for ourselves.

Didn’t you know that economic coercion is violence in slow motion? When a perfectly good system of life is morphed under the power of corporatism to allow the country’s production lines, the country’s jobs, and the country’s wealth to transfer to foreign soil is when treason is rampant. And don’t believe for a minute that this was done as a solo act. Hundreds if not thousands of major US corporations and companies are doing this to you and I and our families with the help of our elected officials in Washington.

The redistribution of wealth is taking place far and wide!

Here are companies gone out of the USA

Source: CNN and Lou Dobbs


Adobe Systems
Advanced Energy Industries
Affiliated Computer Services
A.G. Edwards
Agere Systems
Agilent Tech.
Alamo Rent A Car
Allen Systems Group
Alliance Semiconductor
Alpha Thought Global
American Express
American Household
American Management Systems
American Standard
Amphenol Corp.
Analog Devices
Andrew Corp.
Applied Materials
A.T. Cross Company
AT&T Wireless
A.T. Kearney
Automatic Data Processing
Avery Dennison

Bank of America
Bank of New York
Bank One
Bear Stearns
Best Buy
Black & Decker
BMC Software
Bumble Bee

Cadence Design Systems
Capital One
Cerner Corporation
Charles Schwab
Circuit City, Inc.
Cisco Systems
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Columbia House
Comcast Holdings
Computer Associates
Computer Sciences Corporation
Continental Airlines
Cooper Tire & Rubber
Cooper Tools
Countrywide Financial
Cypress Semiconductor

Dana Corporation
Delco Remy
Dell Computer
Delta Air Lines
Direct TV
Document Sciences Corp.
Dow Chemical
Dun & Bradstreet

Eastman Kodak
Eaton Corporation
Electronics for Imaging
Eli Lilly
Emerson Electric
En Pointe Technologies
Ernst & Young
Ethan Allen
Evolving Systems

Fair Isaac
Fedders Corporation
Federated Dept. Stores
Fidelity Investments
Financial Techologies International
First American Title Ins.
First Data
Ford Motor
Franklin Mint
Franklin Templeton
Fruit of the Loom

GE Capital
General Electric
General Motors
Goldman Sachs
Greenpoint Mortgage
Guardian Life Insurance

The Hartford Financial Services Group
Helen of Troy Corp.
Hewitt Associates
The Holmes Group

iGate Corporation
IndyMac Bancorp
Innodata Isogen
Innova Solutions
Intl. Paper
ITT Educational Services

Jabil Circuit
Jacobs Engineering
JDS Uniphase
Johnson Controls
Johnson & Johnson
JPMorgan Chase
Juniper Networks

KANA Software
Kaiser Permanente
Kraft Foods
Kulicke and Soffa Industries

Lawson Software
Lehman Brothers
Levi Strauss
Lexmark International
Lillian Vernon
Lionbridge Technologies
Lockheed Martin

Marshall Fields
McDATA Corporation
McKinsey & CO
Mellon Bank
Merrill Corporation
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley

National City Corporation
National Life
National Semiconductor
NCR Corporation
Network Associates
Newell Rubbermaid
New York Life Insurance Co.
Northwest Airlines

Office Depot
Ohio Art
ON Semiconductor
OshKosh B’Gosh
Otis Elevator Co.
Outsource Partners International
Owens Corning

Parsons E&C
Pearson Digital Learning
Pericom Semiconductor
Perot Systems
Pitney Bowes
Planar Systems
Portal Software
Pratt & Whitney
Primus Telecom
Procter & Gamble
Providian Financial
Prudential Insurance

Qwest Comm.

Rainbow Technologies
Radio Shack
Rawlings Sporting Goods
Raytheon Aircraft
RCG Information Technology
Regence Group
Rohm & Haas
RR Donnelley & Sons
Russell Corporation

Sallie Mae
SBC Comm.
SEI Investments
Siebel Systems
SMC Networks
Sovereign Bancorp
Sprint PCS
Stanley Furniture
Stanley Works
Starkist Seafood
State Farm Insurance
State Street
StrategicPoint Investment Advisors
Sun Microsystems
SunTrust Banks
Supra Telecom
The Sutherland Group
Sykes Enterprises
Symbol Technologies

Texas Inst.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Time Warner
Tower Automotive
Toys “R” Us
Trans Union
Triquint Semiconductor
Tropical Sportswear
TRW Automotive
Tyco Electronics
Tyco Intl.

Union Pacific Railroad
UnitedHealth Group Inc.
United Online
United Tech.

Valence Technology
VA Software
VF Corporation

Wachovia Bank
Washington Group Intl.
Washington Mutual
Werner Co.
West Corporation
Wolverine World Wide



Good luck fellow Americans of all colors, creeds, and cultures! And good luck to the many people across the world. The corporate machine and the globalists are moving in, you’re next, and eventually the carpet will be pulled out from underneath you as well. Isn’t it obvious enough?

By the way – here’s an article that helps spell it all out for the current American implosion.


Drake Eldorado – Origin

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Well I didn’t meet my 07/27/2011 deadline of completing book 3 in the Drake Eldorado series, Origin:( I am working on it! It needs to be just right as it is supposedly the last. So please be patient as Origin nears completion and Drake will meet his fate.

Will Drake find out who is in charge of the manufactured reality we live in? Will he be able to stop the blinding of human civilization? And has this demonic plan been occurring on other worlds as well? Wait for the final confrontation in book 3, Drake Eldorado – Origin!

Coming soon!


Campaign Fulfillment… YES!

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Redistribution of wealth. Remember?

If that’s the case then perhaps our current President, Mr. Obama, is coming through… along with the help of corporate capitalism and the two party system that has worked together to bring us to this point right here, right now – a country divided, global biz friendly policies, and broke.



Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Have you seen this? Down with cash and up with credits. At what point do we go from being the creators of a well-functioning system to being mere pieces of the system? Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves this?

If The Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised?

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

I’ve wondered what could happen if the debt ceiling for the United States government isn’t raised on or before the August 2nd deadline. I happened upon a Yahoo article that stated the following consequences of not raising the debt ceiling –

David Walker — the former Comptroller General of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office — says here’s what will happen if the federal government can’t reach a deal:

1. $4 billion-plus a day will come out of the economy.

2. Government and civilian military workers will be laid off temporarily. That will result in penalties for late payment, to be paid by taxpayers.

3. Social security payments will be delayed.

4. No one knows how bad the reaction will be, but Walker is confident it will be negative for the stock and bond markets and the economy.

5. Interest rates will rise. For every 1% rise in interest rates, taxpayers will be on the hook for an additional $150 billion in debt payments.

Well that doesn’t sound good. So should we raise the debt ceiling for the 61st time? Apparently it’s been done 60 times already. Some think that we should. Many believe it will help the economy. And if we can’t pay back our debts anyway, that it’s totally impossible, we need to keep stretching the debt ceiling until it snaps. Others say we need to curtail our spending (I think so) and reign the shopaholic attitude in immediately while we still have a slim chance to get our economic house in order.

Well, either way, the deadline will arrive in a matter of days. You ready?


Chuck Boxes Are Cool

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

I’ve done plenty of camping throughout my life. I was even in the Boy Scouts. One thing I never had and always wanted to add to my camp inventory was a Chuck Box, aka Grub Box. These are sturdy boxes (typically wood) that can be used as storage for camp stoves, cooking utensils/dishes, and some food. But that’s not all. The box can transform into a kitchen station. It’s really cool.

They are pricey if you want to buy one already made. You can also purchase the plans and build your own or just create a unique version on your own if that suits you. Someday I’d like to get one. They really add to the outdoors ambiance.

As for now… I will probably purchase Cabelas Deluxe Campers Kitchen. It’s on sale for $119! Normally it’s $179. Not bad:) I like the layout and it has a lot of room to prep, cook, and clean. But it’s not a Chuck Box:( Sometimes one just has to settle.

Happy Camping!


We Want Our Taxes Raised?

Friday, July 15th, 2011

According to The Hill (an online news source), President Obama believes that 80% of Americans want their taxes raised to assist the government in its spending and to raise the debt ceiling.

President Obama on Friday kept up the pressure on Republicans to agree to revenue increases in a deal to raise the debt ceiling, claiming 80 percent of the public supports Democrats’ demand for tax increases.

“The American people are sold,” Obama said. “The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically.”

Isn’t there something like… if you state a lie enough times then people will believe it? I would never believe that one. The only people who want their taxes raised for the sake of government spending are communists, socialists, and those who are dependent upon government checks.

So where’s the balance in raising the debt ceiling for the 61st time? When are we going to start cutting the government’s ability to spend the people’s money? So many folks have become dependent on tax payer money that without it they won’t survive – at least a big proportion won’t. How much longer do we need to create such dependence? Many need help, absolutely. But to raise the debt ceiling forever and to never cut any substantial spending in order to bring us down to a more manageable level is insane. But beyond insanity it could be a very real plot by our rulers here and abroad to aid in the tearing down of this great country… this country that has been abused like an ATM machine to assist the entire world to become space occupiers, clock watchers, and consumers like us.

Only idiots allow their own family members to max out their credit cards and then give them another credit card to max out the very next month with no cuts in spending or real budgeting as a mandatory stipulation. This is exactly what our government and two party system has been doing to us. Surprised? Why? We aren’t their family. They could care less for America and the American people. We don’t fit the bill anymore. Our patriotic beliefs are like dust blowing in the wind. It’s on to bigger and better things – a global government ran by multinational corporations and multinational politicians with no allegiance to anything but the intoxicating power over the masses. The elitists are world builders, not nation builders. Don’t be distracted by all of the little details. The 80% notion is a distraction. A distraction to divide the nation I say! What are these law makers really up to?

You decide.


Worth Fighting For?

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

With the world at a crossroads there are plenty of revolutionaries out there fighting for their own cause… dying for there beliefs. Some see there land being invaded by colonists. Others see their religion being spit upon. And some see their own country being turned upside down from turncoats within.

It seems that there are fires everywhere today. There are those who see their way of life being pillaged for the benefit of multinational corporations. And there are people who feel they have every right to trample upon the “rights” of others using skewed media campaigns and hidden agendas. It is maddening, really – to see how divided fellow countrymen have become. Nations across the globe have been divided by an insidious, pervasive force of elite globalists who have infiltrated the halls of law and justice with the ultimate power source at their fingertips – money and promises of power. But just remember, economic coercion is violence in slow motion. You will be bent over a barrel one way or another.

So as you see civilization at the current crossroads do you think that your homeland is worth fighting for? Is your culture, your family, your children worth dying for? What would make you finally take a stand against your leaders? The American Revolution is a blueprint for the fight against tyranny and manipulation using both the mind and force. And we have seen other countries join in on the fight for freedom – Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria. There are many countries that have rulers who place their people under a thumb of force, lies, manipulation, and deception. So what is worse; a ruler who makes his own people submit under the gun or a class of rulers who manipulate a country’s economy to benefit the elitists and further destroy the middle and lower economic classes? I would say both are equal in scope of darkness.

A society that is under the gun of a dictator is quickly enslaved and encased within a cocoon of fear and dread. Survival is based upon immediate submission – death is the only alternative.

The other society, the one that has its economy manipulated for the benefit of the multinationals is a slow push, a manipulative force that prods the people like cattle into a limited construct (a reality) of dependency upon the very system that stole their independence from them. This is done through soundbites, legislation, and the control of the monetary system.

One style of control is physical and the effects are immediate. The other is cognitive and the effects are slow – brick by brick the prison wall is built over time.

So to all of you citizens across the world who continue to turn the other cheek just to be slapped across the other side of your face – at what point will you fight back? What are you willing to sacrifice to finally put a stop to rampant politicians, their excesses, their lies, their nonhuman tactics to enslave you?

Once you become dependent upon a system it is nearly impossible to break away from the conveniences of the quick-fix lifestyle. Are you willing to trade your culture, your way of life, your liberty, and your independence away for “security” and “stability” – code words for safe, unthinking worker.

In many places what used to be termed as the pursuit of happiness through one’s own hard work has been morphed into the pursuit of selfish, quick-fix wants (unhealthy fast food, easy street drugs, porn with the click of a mouse, video games for hours on end, etc.). Remember when people used to smile and say “hello”? Remember when it was safe to leave your doors and windows unlocked? What happened? Has this slow coercive force taken the minds of the youth? Has it lead them astray to make them believe that dependency is golden – that cloud computing, surveillance cameras, and implanted microchips are cool and hip?

The system’s war cry of convenience and saving lives will choke your independence, humanity. If we save every life then what? We have a planet that is so overly populated that resources become unattainable. If we make everything convenient and simple then what do we have left besides dependency upon those who made it convenient for us?

As society has progressed we have become dependent upon grocery stores and their delivery systems; we have become dependent upon the monopolistic gas and electric company; we have become dependent upon the water company; we have become dependent upon the transportation industry; we have become dependent upon our currency… we are becoming slaves to a system that is hungry for control – a system that does not value independence. Now the mentioned conveniences are technological wonders that you and I enjoy. The point is how far must we take it? Until we are all slaves who have our choices made for us via a software program that knows best? Don’t think it can happen? Look how far we have come and look at the horizon on what is to come. It’s not hard to figure out – in the end, submission, cognitively.

So at what point is it time to take that stand? And what is worth fighting for? Is a more powerful iPhone more important than your family’s ability to remain free for generations to come? We still have free will. We still have the power to make choices. The fix is not in (but it will be soon). As long as there is hope, you have a say in how we end up. The question is will you stand up and make yourself heard beyond a simple sit-in or will you fight for your right to live as a free person in a modern world? Balance must be found now or all will be lost in time. And we don’t have time. But they have all the time in the world. They hold all the cards but one – your wakefulness. And the powers-that-be are betting their hand that the people never wake up.

Need inspiration? Some quotes to get you thinking about your stance or lack thereof.

~ A constant struggle, a ceaseless battle to bring success from inhospitable surroundings, is the price of all great achievements. ~
Orison Swett Marden

~ Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms. ~
Ernesto Che Guevara

~ You may have to fight a battle more than once to win. ~
Margaret Thatcher

~ The thundering line of battle stands,
And in the air Death moans and sings:
But Day shall clasp him with strong hands,
And Night shall fold him in soft wings. ~
Julian Grenfell “Into Battle”

~ Any people anywhere being inclined and having the power have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and force a new one that suits them better. ~
Abraham Lincoln

~ Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living? ~
Mahatma Gandhi

~ It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. ~
Mahatma Gandhi

P.S. For myself it would seem being a multinational citizen is the best (er easiest?) choice; to find a safe place for my family. Would that be my immediate protective side coming out or my impotent side? Does it matter – I just want my family to be in the best spot possible. And that is getting harder to figure out. Wish I had more $$$ though. Just not willing to sell my soul for it:)


CIA Has U.S. @ Bottom

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I saw an article that stated the United States was at bottom (191) in “net trade in goods and services, plus net earnings from rents, interest, profits, and dividends, and net transfer payments (such as pension funds and worker remittances) to and from the rest of the world during the period specified.”

And this is according to our own Central Intelligence Agency. Here’s the LINK!

On a side-note we are 129 in “GDP growth on an annual basis adjusted for inflation and expressed as a percent.” Here’s the LINK for that stat.

We also come in at 142 in “total business spending on fixed assets, such as factories, machinery, equipment, dwellings, and inventories of raw materials, which provide the basis for future production. It is measured gross of the depreciation of the assets, i.e., it includes investment that merely replaces worn-out or scrapped capital.” Follow the LINK.

The U.S. comes in at 98 in “the annual percentage increase in industrial production (includes manufacturing, mining, and construction).” The LINK for that.

You know things are pretty bad when your own intelligence agency has you at the bottom in such an economic category and near bottom in similar areas. Folks can see stats bandied about by political parties and downplay them. But when we continually see such negative stats being raised by our biased media, financial institutions, foreign publications, what we observe on our own, and our CIA… well things aren’t looking good.

The big one really is what we observe on our own. Do you have family members and/or friends who have been laid off from work? Do you see more homeless folks? Does society feel like it’s boiling as it hangs onto a thread? I can “yes” to all of the above. But that’s my perspective. And that’s why I’m not surprised by the CIA’s analysis of the situation.

Purchase survival supplies and know how to use them… just in case.



Friday, July 8th, 2011

I purchased some excellent items today. The first item was something I’ve been wanting to add to my camping supplies for quite awhile now – a dutch oven. That’s right! I got a 6 quart dutch oven so we can be versatile with our outdoor cooking. The dutch oven has been a staple of many a outdoors man for ages. So we can’t go wrong. The item cost $40. A bargain.

We also got a cover for my big grill today. I’ve been storing it in the garage but since summer is here there is no point in keeping it in there. Now it will be easily accessible for my grilling and BBQ needs all summer long. Check out my grilling and BBQ videos on YouTube HERE. I’m no super master like some of the old hands who have been doing this for decades. But I can make some great meals. It’s all about planning ahead, timing, temp control, and the pairing of foods. If you can do all that… you’re golden!

The next item that I really want to add to my cooking supply is a charcoal smoker. I don’t want an electric or a propane one due to the future of energy and fuel concerns. If the system fails at least I can use my smoker with charcoal or wood if needed. That’s independence. I have been dying to try my hand at doing some serious smoking and the opportunity has arisen. Very soon I will be smoking some meat with a purely dedicated smoker!!! The smoker I want is HERE. It’s cheap but that’s what I can afford for now.