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Still Working On Book 3

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

So you know… yeah I’m still working on book 3 in the Drake Eldorado series, Origin. I want it to be fantastic since it will be the last book in the trilogy. So maybe I’m being too picky? No way! I hope to have it complete in a few months… I hope!!! AAAaaaaaggghhhhh!!! Time to get to work!!!


A New Review For Distortion

Monday, April 18th, 2011

I got a new review by a book reviewer. On Amazon she gave me 3 out of 5 stars. So she’s honest and I won’t shy away from that. Some will really like it… some will think it’s okay… and some will not like it. That’s life. Here’s a link of the review… it doesn’t matter if I agree or not… it’s her review. Check the book out for yourself and see what you think

Robyn Book Reviews


A Couple New Links

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

If you don’t want to purchase my eBook, Agenda, book 2 in the Drake Eldorado series from Amazon or Smashwords (for whatever reason) it is now available at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Sony.

Only $2.99


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

That’s right! If you’re a fan of the Planet of the Ape movies then you’ll be excited to know that Rise of the Planet of the Apes is in the works. Want a 5 second video tease? Go HERE for the mini-clip and a write-up.

Personally I dig the original Planet of the Apes movies… especially the first one. When the remake came out, starring Mark Wahlberg, I was anticipating a great movie. But I was sorely disappointed. The acting was flat. The apes were just okay. And the plot/back story was weak compared to the original. With today’s technology, writers, and production crews… the remake could have been waaaay better than what was released. Heck, I even enjoy Mark Wahlberg as an actor. But he just didn’t fit in this movie. Sorry, Mark.

I am not clamoring for Rise of the Planet of the Apes like others may be. I’ll wait for it to come out on VOD… unless the reviews are so good I have to grab my wife and run to the theater. I dread that it will be horrid. But Hollywood may surprise me with something that is original with a great story and unique unto itself with the technology to back it up.


The Vault

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Have you heard of “The Vault“? This site is an FBI record library, so-to-speak. It’s like the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) located in one spot so research oriented folks like you and I can go in and sift through tons of (now made public) data.

The categories range from Civil Rights, Counter-terrorism, and even Unexplained Phenomenon. I guess the show, The X-Files wasn’t such a stretch after all. But I already knew that. Pretty awesome!

The official descriptionThe Vault is our new electronic reading room, containing more than 2,000 documents that have been scanned from paper into digital copies so you can read them in the comfort of your home or office.

Included here are more than 25 new files that have been released to the public but never added to this website; dozens of records previously posted on our site but removed as requests diminished; and files from our previous electronic reading room.

By the way, you know what’s ironic? We elect our leaders (actually the electoral college elects our leaders for us) and there are TONS of government branches with their own FOIA sites. Heck, even the National Endowment of the Arts has their own FOIA section. Are you kidding me? Are we like slave children working for our master teachers? Scary!!!

Well, not to go off topic too much, I understand that perhaps some secrets need to be kept in order to keep a well-ran society. But we’ve gone off the deep end with our economic machine and our growing war in the Middle East. God knows what secrets are being kept from us. I’ve heard of bills being passed that are thousands of pages long. Bills that our “elected” leaders don’t even read. I wonder how many secrets are being kept from us. Thousands? Millions? More? DANG!!!

Anyways, if you need a new site to visit then check out, The Vault!