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Another Economic Downturn?

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Could there be another economic downturn? I think so. I personally believe that the unemployment numbers are being fudged so that things appear rosier than they really are. I also don’t see any improvement in our export numbers. But not only that… what has the billions upon billions of dollars in bailouts done? Where is the safety net that was supposed to be created or at least an equilibrium? Even real-estate is still going down in overall price per unit. Remember, there has been no recovery in history without a recovery in real-estate.

According to an article at bloomberg.comMark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management’s emerging markets group, said another financial crisis is inevitable because the causes of the previous one haven’t been resolved.

He is not the only financial power player stating this or something similar. Run a search and you can find plenty of excellent resources on the doom that may soon arrive.

Now let me show you something so you can get a real understanding. Take a look at the following charts from Yahoo Finance:

Here is a chart for the DJI (Dow Jones Industrial Average). Notice the “W” shape in the trend (to the right). There is no reason for the trend to break upward and blast through resistance around 14,000 (the middle peak). We have been riding an overall ascending triangle for most of the history of the market. It is more likely that we will go down again in a big way.

The above chart is for the S&P 500. It is nearly identical to the DOW and it also has no reason to blast upward in the current economic climate. We probably have a rough road ahead.

Keep your eyes open!


Where To hide?

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

So according to this article, the top 10 best places to hide in case of WW3 are:

10.) Switzerland
9.) Costa Rica
8.) Papua New Guinea
7.) Canada
6.) Seychelles
5.) Finland
4.) Tuvalu
3.) Iceland
2.) Bhutan
1.) New Zealand

So if you need to make a run for the border while the mushroom clouds are blasting up and outward you need to go to one of the above places… supposedly. Personally, I’ll probably stay right where I’m at. I got food, family, self-protection, and I know the lay of the land. If things got super bad… well the mushroom cloud would turn me to dust in seconds.



IMF Leadership

Monday, May 16th, 2011

So did you hear about Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the International Monetary Fund leader? If you don’t know of him maybe you’ve heard of him by his nickname – “the great seducer”? Apparently he’s one of those incredibly powerful elites who sleeps with subordinates. But that isn’t the main story here. This 62 year old man, a man who is (or was) a big contender for the presidency of France, has been accused of sexually assaulting a 32 year old housekeeper at a hotel in New York.

According to APThe 32-year-old maid told authorities that when she entered his spacious, $3,000-a-night suite early Saturday afternoon, she thought it was unoccupied. Instead, Strauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom naked, chased her down a hallway and pulled her into a bedroom, where he sexually assaulted her, New York Police Department spokesman Paul J. Browne said.

The woman told police she fought him off, but then he dragged her into the bathroom, where he forced her to perform oral sex on him and tried to remove her underwear. The woman was able to break free again, escaped the room and told hotel staff what had happened, authorities said.

Strauss-Kahn was gone by the time detectives arrived moments later. He left his cellphone behind. “It looked like he got out of there in a hurry,” Browne said.

Full story HERE

Well as you may have heard, Dominique Strauss-Kahn made a beeline for the airport and was sitting in his first class seat when authorities arrived and arrested him before he could make his getaway. And now it has been revealed that he has also been positively identified as the perpetrator in a police lineup.

Obviously he is innocent until proven guilty. BUT if he is charged and then found guilty… well I won’t be surprised. These global elites, these shady untouchables who believe they need to mold mankind into a passive workforce have shown their true colors time and time again. US politicians have been proven to be completely inept, uncreative, and downright dumb. So what about the globalists? I think Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be the new poster child for “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Today’s leadership knows no restraint, has no conscience towards you and I, and will not yield power easily. Political leadership and the global power structure has been set with roots taking a deep hold within government, media, and the markets.

I hope to God that they prosecute this scumbag to the fullest extent of the law if found guilty. As a nation, as a world, as a people… we need to know that these global rapists will be held accountable for their actions in this life and hopefully the next as well.

Side-note: Israel’s former president, Moshe Katsav, convicted of two counts of forcible rape (LINK).


Who’s Planning Humanity’s Future?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

It’s a bold title. But we need “bold” traits to get to the bottom of things. At least I think so. So I was doing some digging around and found a couple gems that are methodically planning mankind’s future all the way from housing on up to proper spiritualism. There are entities out there that have a special plan for you and I. And these aren’t just little hole-in-the-wall outfits. These folks work with the United Nations.

Read on.

Ever hear of Lucis Trust? According to their own words – The world activities of the Lucis Trust are dedicated to the establishment of right human relations. They promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based.

The Lucis Trust is nonpolitical and nonsectarian. It sponsors no special creed or dogma. The motivating impulse is Love of God, expressed through love of humanity and service of the human race.

Oh, and by the way, Lucis Trust is on the Roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Clearly they are movers and shakers for social engineering mankind into a single, non-familial, non-cultural, homogenized creature. A creature that needs to be trained on how to live in a global civilization.

Another interesting group is Share International headed by Benjamin Creme. Why is this interesting? Well… according to Share International – Share International covers news, events, and comments bearing on the priorities of Maitreya, the World Teacher: an adequate supply of the right food; appropriate housing for all; health care and education as universal rights; and the maintenance of ecological balance in the world.

So Maitreya is supposed to be a “master” who will teach mankind on how to behave from here on out. That’s scary. But it’s also interesting to note that a ways back I found that Share International was also an NGO of the United Nations. Currently I cannot locate that link. Perhaps they are no longer an NGO? I find this hard to believe given their aspirations. I mean it all falls right in line with a form of world order. So if you can find the link, let me know. I’ll gladly post it:)

There are many strange orgs out there. Some of them truly believe in what they are doing… a calling. The problem is people don’t look at the big picture and what all the long term possibilities may lead to. Balance is key… not destroying capitalism so a new world order can move in and enslave free minds under the guise of loving lessons. Don’t fall for that crap! We are smarter than that and we can make our society work without the help of the UN and some world teacher. Stay strong, stay balanced, keep your family close, your money safe, and your gun powder dry. YIKES!

On a side-note, please assess the links in this post. They are quite interesting and telling. Think it’s all a big joke or a warped conspiracy? These groups are for real. And they exist to take care of you. After all, don’t you need to be coddled?


Osama bin Laden… Dead!

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

So it’s after midnight over here on the West Coast. But yesterday, my time, Osama bin Laden was found by U.S. forces and the rest is history.

According to my local news station it went down like this – Osama was in a mansion, the largest house in the area, walled in… it had no internet access or phone connections. BUT couriers would go to this mansion often and the tip was to follow the couriers.

Two helicopters went in (SEAL team) and a firefight ensued. Osama was shot in the “head” and the body was recovered by us.

One helicopter was badly damaged and left behind according to the news.

So there you have it. I am interested in seeing the body. Not for the sake of some sick fascination with head shots… but because it has been so long, 10 years, that the U.S. military and intelligence agencies have been combing the Middle East for the elusive Al Qaeda leader and I just want confirmation. It came to a point that when we (U.S. citizens) got a “token” audio tape of Osama I began to suspect that Osama was actually dead and the tapes were fabricated to keep the military going in some respect and to keep you and I believing it all.

Well apparently Osama has been killed and his body will certainly be shown. Congratulations U.S. military and to the U.S. citizens that it protects. Can we now get out of the Middle East? Probaly not. Al Qaeda will certainly perform some type of counterstrike. But Americans are celebrating in the streets tonight. As they should.

UPDATE: The U.S. military gave the expired Osama a “proper”, Muslim service and then dumped his body into the ocean.

News source

So I guess we will never see his body.

On another interesting note, Osama was killed May 1st. May 1st or May Day is also the end of the Wild Hunt.

According to, May Eve also marked the time when the spirit world roamed free on the earth’s surface, while witchcraft and sorcery is the most potent at this time. After midnight, bonfires were lit to celebrate beginning of summer (May Day or May 1), which also marked the end of the Wild Hunt.

Guess who else was taken out on May 1st? Apparently it was Adolf Hitler. Then again didn’t he commit suicide? Oh well.

UPDATE: So in the past couple days the WH/ President Obama said a photo would be released to show the world that indeed, Osama is dead. Then there was an about face and now a photo will not be released. There is so much waffling going on I don’t think we will know exactly what went down in that compound in Pakistan anytime soon.