Strong Horse Meet Progressives

February 17th, 2015

The other day, ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians. They were Christians kidnapped from Egypt, taken to Libya (another Middle East nation torn asunder by corrupt, US politicians), and beheaded on the shores of the Mediterranean… all 21 at once.

The video is graphic. I refer to ISIS as the strong horse because they do what they want, to who they want, while we sit watching American Idol and our President plays golf.


Meanwhile as ISIS, Islamic warriors… terrorists… jihadists… whatever you choose to call them… behead Christians, our political machine sends out this twit, State Dept Spokesman, Marie Harf to respond. Apparently this “progressive” nerd has no clue as to real world issues with statements such as; “We can’t kill our way out of this war” -or- “They need jobs”. Talk about clueless and totally embarrassing. Watch the video because it doesn’t get more real… surreal than this.

Watching the contrast do you see a complete disconnect? What does she mean? Is she insinuating that the world needs to be globalized so everyone can work at WalMart by day and watch American Idol by night? She doesn’t comprehend that the belief in God, Allah, Buddha or any other deity runs deeper than the wallet. It’s not about being poor. It’s about a holy war against the nation of the cross and anyone who rejects Islam. That is the crux of it. The jobs she has in mind for them would be met with the sword of Allah.

When are these “progressives” going to wake up or is trotting out such a numbskull to address this dire situation simply a ploy to show American weakness and the lack of intelligence that seems to have taken our government over? Who is setting America up?

Good and evil used to be so clear, especially to past generations. Today, besides how good and evil is defined, everything has been put up for interpretation as opposed to keeping original rules in place that made America successful.

So sad.

Powerful, Sex-Hungry Globalists

February 12th, 2015


As of late, even before as of late, industry titans within the halls of power have been found guilty or implicated in sex crimes and human trafficking/pimping. These people are icons and power brokers of the world. Yet the sheep’s clothing they wear, portraying them as peace loving globalists has been sheared, exposing their wolf skins and predatory nature. A nature that doesn’t weave well with democracy or the rule of law. Hasn’t it been said that those with the gold make the rules?

You and I, hard working people are nothing but a few simple items (cattle) to the “kind” tyrants who rule us. We are an energy resource, a money maker, meat hanging within the confines of their manufactured reality. People from everyday life think they are unique doing the same things everyone else does – go to the movies, clubbing, drinking at the bar, and digesting corporate media sponsored news and soundbites.

Let me say that we are unique beings. Individuals. We weren’t all created the same although we do have the same creator. But we are looked down upon as peasants by our “human” overlords. Perhaps it is because, today, we behave like animals and have been lead astray? We follow their lead down the path of security, safety, and convenience as opposed to freedom, liberty, and self-responsibility.

The trend of people becoming “meat” for the upper echelons of power follow:

Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Mick Jagger and Tony Blair Were All in ‘Black Book’ of Contacts Kept by Epstein

Prince Andrew is named in underage sex lawsuit; Buckingham Palace says allegations are ‘categorically untrue’

Bill Cosby’s Numerous Rape Allegations/Timeline

A-List Actors Allegedly Tied To Hollywood Sex Ring – Inside ‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer’s Sex Abuse Scandal

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Trial: Former IMF Head Forced ‘Brutal’ Anal Sex on Prostitutes

Those were but a drop in the bucket of what is transpiring behind closed doors between victims and the tycoons who procure them. Of course there are the money hungry, gold diggers who don’t have a sense of God at all who will do anything for $$$. But underage girls and boys? Rape? These are acts that debase men as immoral, Godless, and evil. They don’t deserve to lead anyone or any group and they are all globalists. They all have “power” in common, flying across the globe to influence struggling cultures to buy into their product or their way of doing things. That is downright scary.

How can we go with the flow these people provide when they are the complete opposite of their public image? Only dead fish go with the flow.

Bill Cosby wears a sweatshirt that says “Hello Friend”. That is an illusion; a form of brainwashing. He’s aiming for fans to focus on a “friendly” message as opposed to the real person behind the it.

Dominique Gaston André Strauss-Kahn was the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund – one of the most powerful institutions on the planet. He was going to run for office of the President of France. He wears suits and keeps a dapper appearance. He aims to do real business, helping poor nations stuck in economic uncertainty. Another false narrative. His profession and inner-self are all based on victimizing others for self-gain.

Are these rulers human or something else? Human bodies possessed by evil spirits; such as Azazel or Semjaza written about in the Book of Enoch? It sounds like a movie script but the headlines are there. What kind of human destroys everything they touch yet continues to rule over so many?

IMF head or movie star, it matters not. Each holds their own power base of influence over the masses. And it reeks of the dark side.

Dark Side

Unwitting Dupes Of The NWO

January 30th, 2015

Sometimes you got to wonder about globalization, the friendly term used to encompass the coming New World Order. There are many questions; such as how will it be ran and who will have a real voice within this global system. The days are gone when someone brought up the NWO and was considered a conspiracy nut. It’s here, driven by power-hungry beings. It is no simple accident that markets crash, massive protests are organized, wars ignite, and resources become scarce. This is strategy. And all strategies have their backers, their promoters, their doers, the unwitting dupes, and of course… the victims and body count.

When all is said and done, after the plan, the coup, and the fighting – leftovers (a region, assets, and people) is all that remain to be picked over and realigned within the global government structure as if it were global property as opposed to personal property.

Take Ukraine as an example. Last year we were told that Ukraine wanted to be a democracy. An eastern version of the western United States. Protests were organized and it was going to be Ukraine’s version of the “Arab Spring” (a continuing mission to usurp Egypt/Libya/Syria/Iraq/Yemen). Yet Russia is next door to Ukraine. This is their region and they weren’t going to accept a toppled sister-nation filled with western spies and subversion so close to home. It would be like having Russia topple the Mexican government. How would the U.S. react?

Putin took matters into his own hands and annexed Crimea, taking Crimea back. This region of Ukraine, Crimea, is too valuable of a strategic point to simply give up to a western backed coup. The thinking was that if Crimea fell then Russia would certainly be next.

Reading various media sources, I’ve read that Russia is going back to its cold war roots, isolating itself from the rest of the world, fearing the western backed coup of Ukraine. Russia is portrayed as an aggressive nation. An invader. This is the western media’s perspective. Others would call it propaganda as opposed to factual reporting.

Eastern media outlets claim that it is the United States that is acting aggressively by creating and financing the coup of Ukraine’s government in the first place. That it is the U.S. that actually took the first shot, creating this avoidable situation. The BRIC nations including China are behind Russia. Don’t believe that Russia is “isolated” by any means.

Since the “revolt”, Ukraine has had no less than four foreigners come in and take powerful government positions. Having foreigners help run your country isn’t typical. Apparently this is a special situation. Even Joe Biden (the Vice-President of the United States) has a son who now sits on the board of Ukraine’s largest gas producer, Burisma Holdings.

One of the foreigners now working within Ukraine’s government is Jaanika Merilo, the new minister for attracting investment. She (it) is beautiful on the eyes but displays herself as a high-end escort. In one photo she looks like a professional economist but in others she looks like the vampire that Ukraine and the west is more than happy to promote as a money seeker for the money shot. The greedy, power-hungry nature of those who aim to “help” Ukraine is shockingly clear.

Jaanika Merilo

Jaanika Merilo 2

The situation in Ukraine has been virtually blacked out by the U.S. media. Reading from alternative resources; such as eastern media it becomes clear that a bloody fight is being waged. In Ukraine there have been soldiers addressed by local reporters who have English accents. Why would soldiers with such accents be there when Obama stated no U.S. soldiers would be sent – only non-lethal aid would be given?

It appears that U.S. politicians have lied. The interests of Ukraine are now the interests of the New World Order promoters; such as Obama, Biden, and vampires like George Soros. NWO supporters are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are inspired by greed and power. Don’t believe it? Then why was Ukraine’s gold holdings taken in the middle of the night? To protect the gold from a Russian invasion or to simply control Ukraine’s purchasing ability – thereby making the country reliant upon foreign loans and backbreaking debt thereafter?

On the flip-side let’s not get too biased here. Russia claims that they haven’t sent their own troops into Ukraine and that the fighting within Ukraine is simply coming from Russian separatists who want more of Ukraine to embrace Russia like Crimea. That the separatists are receiving no aid from Russian military channels. Let’s be frank. If Russia is willing to take Crimea, then aiding Russian separatists is not a stretch. After all, Russia is simply protecting their region, of which the western backed NWO wants a piece of if not all of it. I’m certain Vice-President, Joe Biden’s son would be happy to sit on the board of Russia’s Gazprom too.

With plans, as stated before, you have the planners, the doers, and the unwitting dupes. Reading Ukraine’s online news source, Unian, there is an article about a captured Russian mercenary. He had a choice – prison or be pushed into Ukraine to fight with the Russian separatists. He chose the latter.

According to the article: He said that he was recruited by Russian enforcement bodies, and brought illegally to Ukraine with the assistance of the Russian border guards. He was enlisted in an illegal military formation commanded by Russian officers, he said.

Russian Merc

This captured Russian is simply an unwitting dupe in the grander scheme of creating a NWO. He had two choices; rot in a Russian prison or be free to go kill Ukrainians. This man’s only hope is to go fight. He may be thinking that he’s fighting for his own welfare and freedom. His ability to move about and not be imprisoned. And apparently there are many mercs in this same situation who have been sent by Russia. It’s not unheard of. The sad thing is that this type of action happens across the world all the time.

People may think that they are fighting for a righteous cause or protesting for freedom when in fact the real truth, the heart of the action is actually providing government to come down harder on people – pushing the ideology of globalization – control over you and I. Just research the “Arab Spring” and the facts will support that fighting for “democracy” can be a tool leading mankind to being controlled. Even Greece, a member of the EU, will tell you the same thing. The unspoken policy of globalization is to create chaos in order to usher in a New World Order.

Don’t ever believe that war just happens. A supposed western backed global dream may actually be what both east and west want – to injure one another so much that a cry by all for a one world government will be guaranteed. World War III between western powers and the east could kill billions. This irresponsible undertaking would be the final straw that lays waste to freedom, free markets, and separate nations. And it is the small actions of these dupes, like American soldiers and Russian mercenaries who fall in line, believe the propaganda, and lay waste to the “enemies” as pointed out by globalist politicians, bankers, and billionaire philanthropists that will build a global government brick-by-brick.

So, fellow Americans and other sovereign nations, the next time you’re asked to support a cause, donate to a non-profit or to go fight in a war, please ask yourself some simple questions; such as 1.) What are the short term and long term benefits or setbacks with this? 2.) How will this affect my personal freedom? 3.) How will this effect my country, my nation, and my nation’s constitution?

It’s really that simple.

Home Invasion – Two Choices – You Decide

January 23rd, 2015

We here about crime all the time. Crime is on the rise. And when criminals come knocking on the door… a home invasion ensues – the scariest of crimes. This is simply one of many reasons why people should own at least one handgun.

The first way a home invasion can go down is that the resident is beaten, robbed, and very possibly murdered by the perpetrators.

The following video of a home invasion is extremely graphic/violent. Be warned! This happens to real people.

The second way a home invasion can go down is that the resident has a plan already in place on what to do if someone attempts to invade their home. This plan includes ownership of a handgun for protection. Doors don’t always stop a criminal.

The following video of another home invasion, with different end results, is also extremely graphic/violent. Be warned! This can happen to real criminals.

In the end who would you rather be? The lady who is unprotected in every way or the people who at least have a fighting chance by owning a handgun?

It’s your life and your reality. You decide what’s best for you.

China To Unpeg Yuan From Dollar?

January 22nd, 2015

Last week, without warning, Switzerland decoupled its Swiss Franc from the EU’s, Euro dollar. This move by the Swisses central bank allowed the Swiss Franc to increase in value by 30% overnight. An amazing increase in any currency value to be sure, perhaps at any time in the history of currencies.

Three years ago the Swiss pegged their currency to the Euro to supposedly maintain a fair balance with import/export prices of products within the EU itself and the world. This pegging allowed most of the EU nations to have the same lifestyle as related to their ability to purchase products. It was a fairness/balancing act so-to-speak.

Unfortunately the EU has been mired down by the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain) and bailing those nations out as well as fighting against the scurge of deflation and slow growth. To battle these economic challenges the EU decided to go forward with a QE program (Quantitative Easing) or in layman’s terms – to print more EU dollars, ultimately diluting its value and weakening the purchasing power of EU citizens.

The Swiss, tired of the Franc weakening and having no desire to continue to perform all of the other complicated maneuvers necessary to keep this balancing act going… until the bitter crash… decoupled. Hence the rise of the Franc and the soon to follow lifestyle of the average Swiss citizen.

Now, something I hadn’t thought of was that China had also pegged their currency, the Yuan to the US dollar sometime ago. As time has gone I have watched the ratio of US dollar value to Yuan value go from 1 to 8 to its current 1 to 6 ratio. Clearly the US dollar is weakening. It is no secret that the US may begin a fourth QE program this year. The US dollar would be weakened more so and with the complicated nature of the US/China currency relationship… investments and props China has provided the US dollar/treasuries… the Chinese central bank could just as easily unpeg the Yuan from the US dollar and reap the same benefits the Swiss have – increased purchasing power for Chinese citizens and more Chinese purchasing of their country’s products as opposed to US citizens buying Chinese products. The US dollar would depreciate in value and China would rise in one simple stroke.

Sound foolhardy? Listen to what Peter Schiff has to say in the following video:

Muslims Tearing Europe Apart

January 9th, 2015

If you read my blog you know that I wrote about the invasion by Muslims of Europe not too long ago. I pointed out how Muslims are not only flooding the European system for welfare and other socialist benefits created by the “progressives” but who are also refusing to assimilate into the local culture. Instead they are creating their own neighborhoods dedicated to Sharia law aka Sensitive Urban Zones deemed by the liberal fanatics in fear of offending the foreign invaders.

There have been thousands of rapes by Muslims upon the local European women and girls. There have been beatings by Muslims upon the local European men and boys. There have been riots by thousands of Muslims who want MORE benefits, jobs, and socialist freebies. And there have been murders by Muslims upon local Europeans as well. And since the liberal, turn-the-other-cheek European politicians and media have turned a blind eye to the Muslims, Muslims have taken over without fear of retribution. After all, why fear a group of people who continue to GIVE when you spit in their face? These pacifist, spineless actions deem the Europeans as mental slaves to dominant, liberal ideology. The citizens and countrymen are willing servants of the socialist state who continue to cower within the limited thinking of their own poisoned brains. Their liberal views are so far left they would welcome being pushed out of their own homes and taxed to death so Muslims can gain more of a foothold upon the throat of the European.

Today 3 Muslim terrorists were killed in France. Apparently 4 Muslim terrorists plotted to kill a magazine artist and the magazine’s staff due to the “blasphemous”, artistic renditions of Allah. Now I don’t think artists should go out of their way to insult other people’s religion, but that doesn’t make it right to kill over a cartoon either! I will always support the Freedom of Speech over the millions of invading, prehistoric savages who’s only goal is to breed out a nation’s natural people.

A couple of the Muslim, Jihadi terrorists (brothers) murdered 12 people at the magazine’s headquarters. Ultimately 2 police officers were also slaughtered in this “gun-free zone”. A male and a female police officer, murdered in separate locations. Unfortunately the police aren’t allowed to carry pistols. What an extreme, pacifist joke. The men and women who are hired and trained in the liberal, socialist nation of France to protect the citizens can’t even defend themselves. It is no wonder that the militant Muslims are invading by the millions. There is nothing and no one to stop them. Once again, no fear of retribution.

Supposedly one of the terrorists turned themselves in, which still needs to be verified. In another part of France 4 grocery store shoppers were executed by one of the same group of Muslim terrorists. He is now dead, thank God. Apparently a French SWAT team/military personnel took care of business.

After a body count of at least 16 locals murdered and 3 dead terrorists, who won? Did the terrorists win? Well the Muslims continue to invade. They continue to receive socialist benefits. Muslims continue to run and control entire European neighborhoods with Sharia law and customs. So I would argue that the Muslims and the filthy terrorists within their ranks won by a mile. Why? Because the Europeans will continue to support their liberal policies of appeasement and boot-licking. Muslims, terrorists, jihadists, and their anti-European/anti-Christain/anti-Jew ways will continue marching to the guttural screams of “Allahu Akbar!”.

So sad.

On this troubling topic people simply complain. I hear it on talk-radio all the time whether it’s from the radio-show host or callers. Instead of simply stating facts and whining, locals need to come up with real solutions. Here’s what I would do if I was in charge. Backlash be damned.

1.) Shutdown the borders to Muslim visitors. Turn them away. 6 million Muslims in France is more than enough for that country. No justification needed.

2.) Seek out all proven Muslim, jihadi radicals and/or those with economic ties to similar groups and kick them out of France.

3.) Any neighborhood under Sharia law and working against the French way of life/legal system is to be cordoned off by the military and checkpoints are to be put in place. Any and all Sharia courts are to be dismantled. Any Muslim who doesn’t like it would be automatically kicked out of France.

4.) All ensuing backlash (ignoring mandates, violence, riots, etc.) from Muslims and their supporters would be dealt with by equal violence and kicking them out of France.

5.) The above mandates should be applied to all of Europe and America as well.

These actions would certainly create an atmosphere of hostility. But isn’t there already an atmosphere of hostility created by the Muslims? The overly gracious, weak, French liberals have been way too kind as hosts to the deceptive liars and murderers. It is now time for the locals to defend themselves, their way of life, and their homeland. If they don’t take drastic action now while the iron is hot and public opinion is on their side they will fade away and die off. It’s only a matter of time when France and Europe will cease to exist as the cradle for Caucasians, western civilization, and the beauty and uniqueness that makes Europe what it was.

Excerpt from the video concerning Europe’s future: Today Eurabia is just another place. Filled with Islamic soldiers. Many believe that a loss of cultural identity was to blame. Maybe they were ashamed of what their ancestors had done to other cultures in the past? Perhaps due to selfishness, greed and corruption their birthrate had fallen to unsupportive levels. It is hard to know for sure. We know little about who these people once were or what has previously occurred on this continent before 2100. Nearly all of their history has been removed by the Islamists.

Good luck, France and Europe. The rest of the world is watching and hoping that you rise up and crush those who would enslave you.


Strange Vid

December 22nd, 2014

I found this video from a reader/commenter at zerohedge.

It has no major significance. I simply found it… disturbing? It is strange and even somewhat hypnotic in a bizarre 80’s, Max Headroom… Devo kinda way. I can only stand it for a few seconds. Kudos if you last longer. I suggest a CAT scan if you do.

Anyway it apparently has something to do with Dr. Ron Paul and the economy. I like to write about such topics so please don’t think I found anything concrete or reputable about the vid. I simply posted it for your strange, viewing pleasure.

Marxist Killing Cops

December 21st, 2014

Today two NYPD officers were executed by Ismaaiyl Abdulah Brinsley, who is suspected of being involved with the Black Guerrilla Family prison gang. The Black Guerrilla Family had been associated with the Black Liberation Army, Symbionese Liberation Army, the Weather Underground, and other leftist groups in the past.

The founder of the Black Guerrilla Family, George Jackson became a Marxist and Maoist while in prison in the 70’s. The group is obviously still around spewing its hatred for capitalism, private property, Caucasian people, and the law.

Ismaaiyl Abdulah Brinsley apparently executed the police officers in retaliation for the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner – two deaths of black men distorted by the media machine’s fake facts and spin… creating an environment where the police were guilty without a reasonable doubt before an investigation was even begun. The ensuing, official investigations found that the police officers weren’t guilty.

Oh… and no. I don’t believe all police are saints. There are corrupt police officers who do brutalize people of any color. And yes… white is a color too.

Ultimately riots broke out with the two deaths and the results of the investigations. Riots by blacks, whites, and progressives/liberals/communists blew up. The funny thing was that the progressive whites who were marching with the blacks were frowned upon by the black community. Blacks wanted to represent themselves. The progs were unwelcome and some were even assaulted by blacks. Hence my next point.

I heard years ago that a race war would come to America. That communists would slowly build a fire for racial division, stirring trouble between the races and exploit volatile situations in order to bring about a powerful racial discord within America in order to help bring about the destruction of the free United States. I thought this was a stupid conspiracy theory. Today I give it a bit more credit.

If we look at how, President Obama and Attorney General Holder have defended certain blacks; such as Trayvon Martin as well as promoting other instances of black favoritism and exploitation, one can see an agenda unfold. From the White House down, certain blacks are given passes for criminal behavior and then shielded from those who call them on it (police officers).

When the Department of Justice went to Missouri to investigate the Micheal Brown shooting they (the Feds) held a meeting for residents only. Even the media wasn’t allowed in. Know what was discussed? One would think that some form of cooling off language would be the solution. Instead the DOJ threw gas on the fire by discussing “white privilege”. It blows the mind and it’s all right HERE.

It’s one thing to discuss a concept of “white privilege”. That notion can be debated by the affirmative action mouthpieces who get privileges based on race. DUH! But having the Feds ask questions like, “What stereotypes exist in our community?” and “How does white privilege impact race relations in our community?” That is wrong and incendiary. This is real life not a college classroom.

Al Sharpton lead a group last week who were protesting the two recent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Guess what the chant was?

“What do we want?!”
“Dead cops!”
“When do we want it?!”

So what happens today? A Marxist, Black Guerilla Family associate (or whatever) assassinated to police officers. Where there’s smoke, there is fire. A fire that is about to go full throttle if this kind of rhetoric by progressives and hype by the media continues. And it’s exactly what communists love. To see wealth, a free way of life, and U.S. patriotism destroyed.

Don’t believe it? Look at this list – The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

No. That list is not a joke. There are very real forces, powerful forces that want liberty, freedom, and private property to end. There are forces that hate Free Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They would give anything to see America swallowed up by a greedy few, race wars, and a tyrannical Federal government.

This is scary stuff. The people who wish to execute cops aren’t freeing themselves. They are only tightening the noose as more spying programs by the Feds will be justified by this atrocious behavior. It’s a reverse psychology game and the dummies are getting sucked into it.

Today the militarization of our peace officers is the new norm. They wear battle gear, carry automatic weapons, and many stations across our country have MRAPs (military vehicles used in warfare). The very police who are taught to believe that constitutionalists are the enemy are being blinded to the real danger by the progressives/communists who want America broken as opposed to constitutionalists who want to follow our Founding Fathers laws as written. Who’s the real enemy? Isn’t it clear (PROGS are the enemy). Unfortunately many police will see every citizen as an enemy and the Police State will be accepted not only in our peace officer’s minds but the average citizen as well. So sad.

I pray for people to see what is truly happening. Please give these incidents some deep, critical thinking. Reactions are based on emotion. Thinking is based on logic. Let logic rule and freedom reign.


December 4th, 2014


Supposedly there are three reasons for this drastic change in oil prices.

1.) The Middle East refuses to cut oil production in order to dilute the price so American oil producers (fracking/shale) won’t be able to compete. Oil must cost $77 per barrel minimum for fracking/shale production to be profitable. A form of economic warfare aimed at America.

2.) Russia’s economic engine is mainly based upon oil and natural gas production. When prices go down the Russian economy suffers. Russia (Putin) is at great odds with the United States (Obama) over Ukraine. A form of economic warfare aimed at Russia.

3.) It has been hypothesized that the world’s populace will see a strong deflationary period followed by an extreme inflationary period. Some theorists hold that this is a planned event related to toxic derivatives and credit bubbles “popping” similar to the housing market market meltdown in 2008.

The first two examples seem logical. Economic warfare or unhealthy competition has been a staple for international corporations and governments for ages. Although the results can be less predictable when the world economy is sliding towards a deflationary period. This brings me to example three.

We are currently experiencing a strong inflationary period. The price of precious metals and food have exploded upward. The surge over the past couple years has been large. So my question is how will this deflationary period affect the price of precious metals and food? Will prices go down? Will milk and meat cost less? Gold and silver have dropped recently but is this drop related to real deflation (a shrinking money supply) as opposed to some mysterious, hedge fund sell off in precious metals? Seems more likely some form of market manipulation is happening. The money supply isn’t shrinking.

I’m beginning to side with the notion that a true deflationary period will arrive though. What I mean is that the money supply will shrink in the future. The Federal Reserve has been printing tons of US Dollars with their QE program and it will end someday. The banks will make it extremely difficult to get a loan, interest rates will rise, and the economy will retract even more. A lot of people will lose jobs on top of the millions who have already lost jobs. If the supposed secondary inflation shows up (maybe hyperinflation) no one will be able to afford anything… creating more dependency upon government social programs, welfare, and handouts.

It is the perfect game to play when squeezing out the Middle Class, increasing the ranks of the low-income and the homeless, thereby creating more power over The People for the government and their globalist backers.

What some call a New World Order or a One World Government, I simply term realignment. Through the power of worldwide market manipulation, local economic oppression, intimidation, fueling racial discord, socialist media lies… the notion of independence (a state of mind created by those in power) will ultimately be realigned for The People. A system of defined equality, fairness, and social justice will rise from the lies we are fed today (the attacks on our current way of life).

Freedom used to mean the ability for one to go out into the world and make a name for him or herself through the power of their own hard work. Whether one wanted to own a business, be a famous star, or run the family farm, freedom was protected and cherished. The ability to express one’s self, have a family, follow their religion, and buy/sell/trade in a fair way was respected.

The future will define freedom as one who has the ability to remain free from bullying, emotional “damage”, violent acts or images, competitive sports, people who think differently, racial differences, past cultural heritage, and guns.

Freedom will also be defined as the ability of one to live his or her own life alone – free from familial expectations and tradition in order to experiment with one’s self and body in activities espoused by the government as liberating and in touch with one’s self.

The followers of this new system will believe that they are stewards of nature by complying with the system and its mandates on what one should eat, where one should live, how one uses transportation, how much energy is used, what one’s hobbies are… and all of these choices will be limited by the very system that claims you are free in those choices.

The populace will maintain their master’s power, control, and manipulation over them willingly. The People will have been dumbed-down enough to know no better yet still be able to acknowledge that anything from the past system is bad and therefore to be discredited in order to maintain the freedom of existing in a zoo-like world.

Security and limited choices will be the calling card of freedom. The past freedoms of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be seen as prehistoric and savage yet a necessary document from the past in order to “advance” the human species into the future. A token to the past. An antiquity.

The past form of independence will be termed as blatantly divisive and an evil division maintained by old white men. The new “independence” will be termed as singular unity with the one… the one system mandated for all. A balance set forth by multiracial programmers from across the globe to create the most equal world yet not so smart beings to occupy it.

A looked after, limited thinking being who knows only how to make a limited choice within the construct of a high tech world will be narrowed down. The outdoors will be deemed dangerous, to be left untouched. Recycled, scented air and reused water of the indoor world will be the norm. Plugging in online for a false, alternative reality will be embraced. Indoors, high-tech, and artificial light will be the foundation of the new world under the realignment.

In the end, reality will be what the overlords make it. Technology will become increasingly more powerful as The People will become less intelligent, less independent, and totally reliant upon artificial intelligence.

Far ahead in the future roles will reverse and mankind will no longer be served by AI but will simply become a part of AI. Humanity as we know it will be lost to machines, bits, and bytes.


Obama’s Amnesty For 5 Million + Illegals Is Bad

November 21st, 2014

On 11/20/14, President Barack Hussein Obama declared amnesty for 5 million + illegal aliens (aka undocumented workers). He circumvented the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Constitution, and the American people (who fund the government) by laying out his own personal game plan to automatically legalize and provide citizenship for millions of illegals.

I personally support legal immigration; meaning immigrants who come to America and follow the process of becoming citizens by filing the proper paperwork, studying to pass the immigration exam, learning the laws of our land, and integrating with America and the laws as ascribed by our Founding Fathers like my wife and her family did. Legal immigrants seek opportunity to become real Americans as opposed to attempting to create another country within America.

Illegal immigrants (who pay some taxes and work low paying farm jobs – which could easily be replaced with efficient robots) do not study American law. They don’t know anything about the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They refuse to integrate and learn English. Instead, they rush to the United States from poorer living conditions for free benefits funded by the American citizens and doled out by corrupt politicians. They rush to the border as low-information voters who become dependent upon the Democrat’s, socialist programs. They drain the system of tax revenue, natural resources, living space, road/commuter space, etc.. The illegals will take a clean neighborhood and turn it into a dirty hovel.

Illegals complain about the lack of benefits, poor wages, limited access to a good education, and so much more when in America. Why don’t they just fight for their own country and make their homeland how they see fit? I’ll tell you why. Cause it’s simpler to run into America and get the freebies. It’s so much easier to simply embrace the socialist programs and give birth to tons of babies in order to breed American citizens out. It’s so much easier to be invited in by a President who could care less about the state of the nation and it’s limited resources.

What it really is is an invasion. Throughout history invasions were done with an army and weapons. Once the invaders were setup in their new land they would eradicate the strong males leftover and breed with the local women. The women couldn’t do anything. They gave birth and that was that. The lineage of the invaders went on and the lineage of the conquered perished. Happened all the time. That was the winning formula… hence that’s one reason why males need to be strong men today as opposed to meterosexuals or gay.

Warriors rule.
Pussies are conquered.

Today the formula for destroying a nation (America and Europe) is a bit different. There are many ways America is being destroyed but I will stick with the illegal immigration topic. Caucasians, whites of all backgrounds, have been liberalized and dumbed down to their conquering, competitive, winning heritage via skewed classroom instruction, Hollywood media, and politicians. White guilt is the new mantra. White people are “guilty” for all slavery. They are “guilty” for invading North America. They are “guilty” for the genocide of the Jews in WWII. The white person is now meant to take blame for everything wrong in the world according to liberals, the socialists, and the communists version of history. If whites speak up about illegal aliens and how they break our system, they are simply labeled racists and shut down with emotional, angry language as opposed to the logical language of taxes, resources, space, living conditions, and the overall system.

I know for a fact that there are American people of all races who oppose this historic amnesty. Blacks are furious over the lack of employment for their own people yet Barack Hussein Obama is giving 5 million + illegals American citizenship. How will the job market look now? Heck, how will America look in 50 years? The system that was created, the lifestyle, the design, the freedom (that we as knowledgeable Americans love) will all be morphed into a socialist cesspool and ultimately one group will benefit – globalists.

Globalists desire to crush nationalism, culture, freedom, and independence. They speak of education for all; medicine for all; jobs for all; a healthy lifestyle for all… at what cost? And who will decide all of that for all of us?

If the future of education is what is currently being taught in American schools (Common Core), no thanks. I want my kids to read, write, do arithmetic, and be able to think, debate, and criticize freely, clearly, and unimpeded. The current lack of education for many American children due to so many illegal students in the classroom who can’t or refuse to speak English (slowing the teaching process) is appalling.

If the future of medicine is Obamacare (a healthcare system that had to be lied about in order to get it passed) is the future, no thanks. I want my kids to have access to a competitive medical landscape, not a one size fits all prescription. My kids aren’t the same as yours no matter what.

If the future of America is jobs for all as opposed to selecting the smartest and best candidate for a particular job (Affirmative Action/reverse discrimination), no thanks. I want my kids to succeed and compete and be the best independent person they can be as opposed to dependent upon the shade of their skin and the skewed rules that go along with skin color.

If the future of America is a healthy lifestyle for all as mandated by the First Lady, Michelle Obama and the anti-soda/anti-meat/anti-tobacco brigade where what you consume is watched, no thanks. I want my kids to be intelligent enough to feed themselves what they want and if they have an issue, then to be smart enough to slow down. Let them live their life and overcome any challenges that come their way. They aren’t animals in a zoo.

President Obama’s amnesty is a scam. It’s not about helping the poor illegals. It’s about destroying America one brick at a time. If our politicians cared so much for America and The People, they would focus on our homeland’s issues as a nation itself and not about the plight of 5 million + illegals.

I say again, the historic amnesty is a scam to help divide America, create more discontent, bring in uneducated voters, create cultural strife, swamp the welfare system, and break America. There is nothing in this that unites Americans in any way. Today the emotion of fear rules. Logic will only be whispered about in the shadows of the dustbin of history. How far we have come, America.

Now go back to your Monday Night Football, dumb-fuck.