Less Liberty. More Security.

That’s right folks. Ever since 911 you asked for less liberty for your fellow American citizen and more security measures be implemented. Screw liberty! Who needs freedom? We need to be watched, checked, frisked, and given big gov approval so that we all know that we are all acceptable and inline with the American policy of how to live.

So here is another fantastic way to keep us wild citizens in our places (in our cars commuting to work) –

30,000 drones to fly America’s friendly skies <---- THAT'S RIGHT!!! So you better shut that pie hole up with a Big Mac and be content with less benefits from your employer. What? You don’t like processed, fake meat? You don’t like less benefits for more work? What are you… a terrorist? You a rabble-rouser? Are you a freakin’ shit disturber? You best sit your ass down and do some online shopping at Walmart if you know what’s good fer ya. You need to know your place and do as the sheep do, bitch!



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