Just want to wish everyone who has read my books, visited my website, and all my friends and family a HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2012! It’s only a couple of nights away as I write this. I/we haven’t gone out into the madness of New Year’s Eve for a number of years now. It can get pretty crazy out there… I know… I was one of those crazy party people who used to take it to the limit and then some before I settled down and became domesticated. If we end up going out it would to be to lay low at a friend’s house so the kids can have a play date. Otherwise we will listen to the gunshots go off in the neighborhood at midnight. Where we live… it sounds like a war zone. Yeah we got all kinds of jobless, illegally gun-toting dudes driving around in clown cars round here. Let the automatic gunfire rip. Freakin’ crazy I tell ya! From the low middle class (us) on down… we got quite a mix of personalities to contend with. Ever see the show Beyond Scared Straight? I love that show… it reminds me of my hood:) Got to start somewhere though right?

You may wonder… what I like about that show? Besides the reality that I see everyday I also like the fact that prisoners can possibly wake a few “hard” youngsters up to realize how stupid they’re being by taking the shitty path that they are on; such as drinking, doing drugs, committing crime, having sex… all before the age of 16 sometimes. To see a few kids turn their life around… to see those kids finally show their parents and family some love and respect… it is so important that our youth shape up. And I see those kinds of kids walking around like zombies everyday. I was one of those zombies. Yeah. Me. So there is hope. The beauty of youth is that there is room for change. The potential is limitless. They can be shown a better way. Sometimes I wish I could help all those kids out… to somehow enlighten them to the importance of life… to get them outdoors to appreciate the environment… to get them into sports… to get them in a school where the student to teacher ratio is low… to get their head twisted on so that they focus on family and helping their parents out… to get them away from negative lyrics, negative games, negative movies, empty fashion statements… we need to teach our kids right from wrong and clean up our backyards. Parents out there… stay strong and ramp up your child raising skills for 2012.

God Bless!


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