So You Want To Create An eBook?

There are tons of writers out there. And there are many niches too; poets, novelists, children’s authors, etc.. Lots of people want to be published but don’t know how to even start such a literary process. But hold on! The publishing world has been opened up in a huge way via self-publishing (haven’t you heard, numb-skull?!). This means that both wannabe and legit writers can get their work published without the help of a traditional agent or publishing house. Perhaps you have a story that is just aching to get out. Well look no further! Smashwords, the king of eBooks, is here for you.

If you have the dream of getting your writing out there… well then, Smashwords is it. It’s not hard. Even a schmuck like me can use it (and I have and do). All it takes is a burning desire, patience, and some computer know-how… and then it’s off to the races:) Check out the official Smashwords presentation below for some dirty insight on how to create an eBook with them. I recommend them. They took my masterpiece and allowed me to create an account. They are fast, professional, and courteous. Their technology is simple, user-friendly, and the future of the literary world.

No longer must we send out query letters to New York literary agents who keep the keys to the masterful publishing houses tucked away for a select few. You and I, mere mortals of grammatical prose, can now bypass the entire, long-winded, life-sucking process of asking permission and take the world by storm with the Smashwords battering-ram. So kick in those walls of self-doubt; knock down those mirrors of gross reflection; let the sun shine upon your written work! Learn the way of Smashwords and be counted as one who will not bend to stodgy institutions! You are alive and you got something to share:) SMASHWORDS!!! BE THERE OR BE LEFT BEHIND!!!

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